SoClean Universal CPAP Adapter

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Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with the SoClean 2 and SoClean 3 models. 
  • Connects to any CPAP mask.
  • Compatible with all popular CPAP equipment. 
  • Includes one (1) adapter and two (2) 12mm hose sleeves. 

The SoClean adapter is a special fitting designed to connect a CPAP machine or travel CPAP to SoClean 2 or SoClean 3 sanitization devices. This new adapter gives you the option to bypass your sleep equipment and connect SoClean directly to your hose and mask only. Includes one Adapter for Hose and Mask Maintenance compatible with all popular sleep equipment, and two 12mm Hose Sleeves for hoses with smaller diameters. This adapter works with both SoClean 2 and SoClean 3 devices. The adapter is necessary to connect the Hose and Mask to your SoClean. The Hose Sleeve ensures a secure fit. Hose Sleeves are packaged in sets of two, ensuring a backup for future use.

Please note: The Hose Sleeve is only required if you use a 12mm hose. It is not compatible with 15mm or larger diameter hoses.


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