Go-Battery External CPAP Battery

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Features & Benefits:go-battery-logo.png

  • Specifically made to understand the constant voltage fluctuations of CPAP machines
  • Easy set modes for 12v, 16.5v, 20v and 24v machines
  • Fast wireless charging for everyday use
  • Sleek design and 20% smaller than comparable CPAP batteries
  • Use for laptops, cameras, drones, phones, CPAP machines, and other electronics
  • High grip surface prevents slips and drops making Go-Battery the perfect active power source
  • Easy to read LCD Screen 4 Volt Settings
  • Four power ports: 2 USB-C, 1 USB, and AC Fast Charge Port


  • Capacity - 88.8 WH / 24 AH @ 3.7 V / 24000mAh
  • Wireless - 10W
  • Size - 4.8" x 4.8" x 1.1"

Impower Sleep. Anytime. Anywhere.

Introducing a new travel external battery that gives you the power you need to tackle your life: the Go-Battery! With a weight of only 1.1 lbs. and height of 1.1 inches, this power source is designed with a high grip surface and sleek look, perfect to bring along anywhere you go. High-quality Panasonic lithium-ion batteries power this battery pack, so you have reliable energy everywhere. With 24,000mha, Go-Battery has enough strength to power your cell phone, laptop, tablet, camera or drone battery throughout the day. It includes wireless charging via an AC Fast Charge port, 2 USB-C ports, and one USB port for a simple and flexible option to charge your technology. Go-Battery even has you covered at bedtime! The internals within Go-Battery are compatible to the constant voltage fluctuations of CPAP machines. It has easy set modes for various units and can power your equipment while you rest. Whether you are traveling, experiencing an outage, or do not have access to power, stay charged with the Go-Battery! See below for how the Go-Battery compares to competitor batteries!

go-battery-images.png                   go-battery-battery-life.png                  go-battery-slimmer-design.png                  go-battery-charges-faster.png                 go-battery-faster-to-charge.png