Bariatric Shower Chairs

Heavy duty shower chairs are lightweight for transport yet sturdy for security. 

Bariatric bath seats feature a basic shower bench with a reinforced structure and added safety components to support patients weighing over 300 lbs. Whether this bariatric bath seat is a stool, shower chair, commode or a transfer bench, all variations contain a wide and deep seating surface. This seat is typically composed of plastic for its durability and easy cleaning capabilities. Many bariatric shower chairs come with arms or handles to offer stability to users as they lower down and raise themselves up from the seat. In addition, armrests assist in preventing slips and falls from the slippery bathroom floor or wet bathtub surface. A cross brace support at the base of the chair provides strength to prevent the chair seat from bending. Shower benches should be positioned close enough that the user can reach the bath knobs to manage temperature unless accompanied by a caregiver that will handle those controls.



What is the difference between a standard bath chair and a bariatric bath chair?

A bariatric bath chair can support more weight than a standard bath chair. While a standard bath chair can support up to 300 lbs. of weight, a bariatric bath chair can support up to 600-1000 lbs. of weight, depending on the model. Bariatric shower benches are constructed with a cross base reinforced frame, wide seating, and a strong aluminum base to accommodate a higher weight capacity.