FreeStyle® Comfort® Portable Oxygen Concentrator with 8 Cell Battery

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With its ergonomic shape, the lightweight and affordable FreeStyle® Comfort® rests against the natural curves of your body, making it comfortable to wear on the go. Weighing only 5 lbs., the FreeStyle® Comfort® can go anywhere you want to go. Enjoy the convenience of wearing it with or without your carry bag by simply attaching the no-slip, padded shoulder strap. UltraSense™, our sensitive breath detection technology, ensures oxygen is delivered to you when you need it. Equipped with user-replaceable batteries, this new oxygen therapy device meets FAA guidelines for commercial air flights and allows you to extend your time away from home. Stay active with up to 4 hours of battery life. Wireless technology connects you to CAIREview™- a telehealth solution that your provider can use to help ensure you get the support you need.

 Features & Benefits

  • Proper Oxygen Saturation - With 5 settings and up to 1050 mL of oxygen per minute, the FreeStyle Comfort serves a wide range of needs. The unit delivers up to 95% pure oxygen to further ensure proper saturation. 
  • Optimal Comfort - Experience the comfort of the body-skimming, curved silhouette design. The FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator is lightweight and compact. It is easy to wear and transport using the included shoulder strap. 
  • Proven Quality - Robust design features, including the sieve bed technology and critical components, allow for minimum maintenance and long life. CAIRE offers one of the best warranties available, with a 3-year warranty on the device and sieve beds. 
  • User-replaceable battery pack with up to 4 hours of battery life at setting 2.
  • FAA-approved for commercial airline use.
  • Fully functional on wall (AC) or motor vehicle (DC) power. 
  • Easy-to-use full-color interface. 
  • Smart Oxygen Delivery - Unique clinical features including UltraSense, autoDOSE, and myCAIRE™ help ensure you will get the oxygen you need, when you need it.  
  • Can come equipped with the optional telehealth solution.


  • FLOW RATE: Pulse Dose 1-5 Oxygen Output Settings:
    • Setting 1–210 mL/min
    • Setting 2–420 mL/min
    • Setting 3–630 mL/min
    • Setting 4–840 mL/min
    • Setting 5–1050 mL/min
  • DIMENSIONS: 10.0 x 7.3 x 3.1 in (25.4 x 18.5 x 7.9 cm). Dimensions with 8-cell battery pack inserted 11.0 x 7.3 x 3.1 in.
  • WEIGHT: 5 lbs. (2.3 kg). Weight with 8-cell battery pack inserted: 6 lbs. 
  • SOUND LEVEL: 39.9 dB(A) @ Setting 2.
  • BATTERY DURATION: 8-cell battery up to 8 hours. 
  • POWER: AC Power: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz DC Power: 11-18 VDC (10 max amp) Battery: Lithium Ion.
  • WARRANTY: 3 years (Includes sieve beds) 1 year on battery and power supplies.

Includes FreeStyle® Comfort® Portable Oxygen Concentrator, Carry Bag, 8-Cell Battery Pack, AC/DC Universal Power Supply and Cords, Shoulder Strap, and UltraSense Technology. Other accessories sold separately.


Please note that the FreeStyle® Comfort® Portable Oxygen Concentrator requires a valid, U.S. prescription prior to shipment. Once you place an order, a MSC Medical Shop representative will follow up with you to help you gather your RX information.

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