Evora Full Face Mask with No Headgear

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Introducing F&P Evora Full Face Mask, the new compact full face CPAP mask from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. Featuring Dynamic Support Technology™, the Evora Full Face Mask delivers full performance with minimal contact, allowing you to move and sleep freely without compromise. This mask also offers you secure comfort with its floating seal that gently wraps under your nose for a comfortable night's sleep and stability wings that support the seal. Please note: This version of the Evora Full Face Mask does not come with headgear.

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  • Minimal design: The nose seal gives a clear line of sight.
  • Comfortable seal: The floating silicone seal sits comfortably under the nose.
  • Supportive frame: Full face frame provides stability.
  • Sleep quietly: Minimal noise from diffuser exhaust holes for a good night's sleep.
Please note that the Evora™ Full Face Mask with no Headgear requires a valid, U.S. prescription prior to shipment. Once you place an order, a MSC Medical Shop representative will follow up with you to help you gather your RX information.