Bath Benches & Shower Chairs

With fifty different styles, your perfect bath chairs awaits you in aluminum, PVC or molded plastic, all with excellent corrosion-proof finishes! 

Whether elderly, disabled, paralyzed or recovering from surgery, the bathroom harbors danger for anyone with limited mobility. While we always recommend that someone be there to help you bathe, a medical shower chair will provide the durability and support you need to feel balanced and safe. There are several variations of bath chairs for those with disabilities or injuries to choose from to suit the unique needs of each user. 

  • Need a combination chair? Our Shower Commode Chairs have wheels with locks, transfer benches, and padded seats. Combine with a Transfer Bench to make transfer easy from walker, wheelchair or standing position. This special feature is especially helpful to stroke survivors with a weak side or patients recovering from a hip surgery.
  • Portability essential? Folding Shower Chairs offer easy transport and storage. If a relative or friend does not have the equipment they need, the user can easily bring their shower chair with them. We offer a Folding Shower Seat with a bag for travel and a Portable Bath Bench with a sturdy assistance handle.
  • Bariatric needs? Any person weighing up to 600 lbs can find the support, ease and maneuverability they need while showering with a heavy duty Bariatric Bath Chair. Twenty are available with weight capacities including 400 lbs., 500 lbs., 600 lbs., and 1000 lbs.
  • Only a rolling chair will do? For paraplegic care, the Rolling Shower Chair is the most ideal bathing solution. Offering comfort, safety and convenience, a chair with wheels will provide all the support and versatility the patient needs to make shower time quick and easy.
  • Pediatric needs? Our Pediatric Bath Chairs have optional stands and wheels making it the safest bathing choice for children with disabilities.

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